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Whale alert historical data, „Cena wolności jest stroma”

It fronted as it still does onto Twofold Baywhere between winter and spring the southern right whale used to appear, ready for mating.

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Photo: Jem Cresswell. This huge cetacean moves very slowly, its body size prevents it from springing and leaping.

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It was therefore the perfect prey for whale hunters, who were able to obtain many barrels of ultimo blocco bitcoin from a single mammal; during one hunting season, as many as 22 specimens were caught, and they guaranteed enough income for the entire year to the families of Eden. But every winter, together with the whales, even the school of killer whales arrived, and wanted the same thing as the fishermen.

At the beginning the fishermen, feeling in competition with them, tried to chase the killer whales away.

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But, as far as we know, things began to change from aboutwhen the whalers started to recruit some aborigines of the Thaua tribe as harpooners. When the killer whales intercepted a group of migrating whales, they surrounded them and pushed them into Twofold Bay, by the coastline.

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Here a male killing whale, the leader, swam to the dock to alert the whalers, leaping and slapping the water with its tail. The men jumped on the boats and easily harpooned and killed the whales.

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The killer whales did not touch the rest of the body, which contained the fat and bones that were precious for the fishermen. A whale carcass photographed in killer whales had already eaten its tongue and lips.

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One male killer whale that most interacted with the men, drawing their attention, was seven metres whale alert historical data and weighed about six tons: it became well-known by the nickname of Old Tom. A whaler and Old Tom. This cooperation lasted for almost a century. In someone whale alert historical data John Logan, a retired breeder, went hunting with third-generation whaler George Davidson. As he used to do, Old Tom pushed a small whale towards the men and they killed it.

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But a storm was approaching, and the season had really been meagre: Logan, being afraid that that whale may be the last of the year, decided to break the law of the tongue for the very first and last time.

He used his harpoon to push Old Tom, that was properly demanding its reward, away from the prey.

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The gums of Old Tom became infected and during the following years the killing whale had to struggle harder and harder to feed; on September 18, it was found beached near Eden. It had died of consumption and starvation.

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From that moment on, its school disappeared and never returned. Today, the skeleton of Old Tom is exhibited at the Eden Killer Whale Museumin everlasting memory of the weird, but fruitful alliance between men and killer whales.

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