L’inventore di bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, è australiano? O sottoterra? No niente di tutto questo

Bitcoin creator dead. Craig Steven Wright


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    Uncovering Nakamoto's real identity would solve a riddle dating back to the publication of the open source software behind the cryptocurrency inbefore its launch a year later.

    Bitcoin has since become the world's most commonly used virtual currency, attracting the interest of banks, speculators, criminals and regulators.

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    Some online commentators suggested bitcoin's creator bitcoin creator dead help resolve a bitter row among the currency's software developers that threatens its future. But Wright made no reference to the row in a BBC interview identifying himself as Nakamoto, and as the protocol bitcoin runs on is open-source and cannot be controlled by any one person, it is unclear whether he would be able to influence the way it develops.

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    • L'inventore di bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, è australiano? O sottoterra? No niente di tutto questo
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    Many bitcoiners said Wright had not done enough to definitively prove that he was Nakamoto, who maintained his anonymity throughout his involvement with bitcoin, which he stepped away from in He and Andresen also confirmed they had been responsible for their respective blog posts to Reuters directly. The blockchain technology that underpins the currency could transform the way banks settle transactions, the way that property rights and other vital data are recorded, and provide a way for central banks bitcoin creator dead issue their own digital currencies.

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    The BBC reported on Monday that Wright gave some technical proof demonstrating that he had access to blocks of bitcoins known to have been created by bitcoin's creator. In a blog post also dated Monday, Wright posted an example of a signature used by Nakamoto and an explanation of how bitcoin transactions are verified and thanked all those who had supported the project from its inception. However he did not state directly that he was Nakamoto.

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    The currency's "miners" are incentivised to process transactions every 10 minutes by a possible reward of bitcoins 25 currentlywhich is how new bitcoins are created. Wright also spoke with The Economist, but declined requests from the magazine to provide further proof that he was Nakamoto. His representatives told Reuters he would not be taking part in more media interviews for the time being.

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    Wright told The Economist he would exchange bitcoin he owns slowly to avoid pushing down its price. At the time he made no comment.

    The treatment of bitcoins for tax purposes in Australia has been the subject of considerable debate. The Australian Tax Office ATO ruled in December that cryptocurrency should be considered an asset, rather than a currency, for capital gains tax purposes.

    On Monday, the ATO said it had no comment while police were not immediately available for comment.

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    If Wright is Nakamoto he "is now the leader of a movement", said Roberto Capodieci, a Singapore-based entrepreneur working on the blockchain, the technology underlying the currency. That movement ranges from libertarian enthusiasts to central banks experimenting with digital currencies, all of which pay homage in some way to Nakamoto's writings.

    One of the greatest mysteries of the Bitcoin community is the whereabouts of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. A new investigation reveals new details about the city he was living in when he created the digital currency. When Satoshi Nakamoto started the Bitcoin project publicly, the first phase was the publication of the Whitepaper. Last October, for example, some famous people congratulated Bitcoin on 12 years of the paper.