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Ci sono eroi sconosciuti che hanno dato la vita, e sono ricordati nei cuore di poche persone. Poi ci sono eroi che sono ricordati solo per un mese, perche hanno combatuto guerre sbagliate con nemici sbagliati.

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Questi sono gli assassini dei nostri veri eroi. Michele Altamura sabato 25 febbraio King's son-in-law testifies in fraud scandal 25 Febbraio Madrid -- The son-in-law of Spain's King Juan Carlos arrived in court to bitcoin burza before a magistrate Saturday as a suspect in a fraud scandal that has created unprecedented problems for the popular royal family.

Inaki Urdangarin, who was granted the title of Duke of Palma when he married the king's youngest daughter, Princess Cristina, inis under investigation for allegedly diverting public funds that were earmarked for his foundation for private use.

Urdangarin walked into the courthouse karl commercio bitcoin stefanovic Palma de Mallorca past throngs of reporters and news cameras, even though the court authorized him late Friday to avoid that scene on an "exceptional basis and strictly for security reasons" and to drive right up to the building.

От Черного солнца он в ужасе бежал. А Вселенная была громадна, и поиск его едва начался. И хотя и далеко это было -- и в пространстве и во времени,-- но гигантский поток энергии, истекающий из самого сердца Галактики, взывал к Вэйнамонду через пропасти световых лет. Он резко отличался от иррадиации звезд и появился в поле его сознания так же неожиданно, как неожиданно прочерчивает небо планеты внезапный метеор. По пространству и по времени двигался Вэйнамонд навстречу ему, к последнему моменту его существования, снимая с него -- а он знал, как это делать -- мертвый, уже неизменимый рисунок прошлого.

All the other suspects in the case who previously testified had to walk in, past the media. Urdangarin, with a serious look on his face and flanked by his lawyer, stopped briefly to make a statement to a group of reporters who were allowed inside a court-designated security zone. My intention today is to clear up the truth about the facts.

Ci sono eroi sconosciuti che hanno dato la vita, e sono ricordati nei cuore di poche persone. Poi ci sono eroi che sono ricordati solo per un mese, perche hanno combatuto guerre sbagliate con nemici sbagliati.

No trial has been set in the case, which has riveted national attention. The investigation, officially secret, has been top news for months in Spain as details were reported. The court in Palma de Mallorca has publicly confirmed only the basic charge of misappropriation of public funds and named Urdangarin and some former associates as suspects.

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Urdangarin, an Olympic medalist in handball, led a private foundation that secured lucrative contracts from regional governments to promote sports and tourism. As the case gained notoriety, the royal palace announced last December that the Duke of Palma would not take part in official ceremonies, which is a key mercato della moneta di ripple btc for members of the royal family.

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The royal household is widely respected for the king's role, as head of state, in guiding Spain to democracy after the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. Also last December, the royal family publicly revealed its finances for the first time in an effort to boost public confidence and transparency.

Then the king, in his annual Christmas address, issued a warning to public officials: "Fortunately, we live in a state of law, and any objectionable action should be tried and punished according to the law," the king said.

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He now stands alone in the section for sports figures. Urdangarin will mount a vigorous defense, his lawyer, Mario Pascual Vives, told reporters earlier in Barcelona.

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The testimony took place in a closed-door session, with no cameras allowed. In attendance were prosecutors, Urdangarin's defense lawyer and karl commercio bitcoin stefanovic representing other suspects in the investigation.

Berlino - Una città al bivio

The attorneys for the other suspects -- in addition to the investigating karl commercio bitcoin stefanovic -- will have a chance to question Urdangarin, according to state-run television TVE. The judge has not said publicly when the investigation might conclude. After that, the judge may set a trial, and indict suspects who currently face only preliminary charges, or clear these suspects of all charges. Al Goodman per "CNN".

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