Di PARKGENE - Peer to Peer Parking on Blockchain

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We will establish the GENE token as the currency for the automotive industry, allowing drivers to pay for parking and integrating it with mobility services, vehicles and automotive infrastructure. The successful reservation and payment provide additional App functionality to drivers and parking owners, which is needed for the completion of the actual parking session.

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For example, the driver will have the ability to open the garage door from his mobile phone, while the parking owner is notified and monitors — in live video — the entrance and exit of the vehicle.

At the bitcointalk del mercato idex of a successful transaction the parties conclude a smart contract on Ethereum, with the entry and its confirmation on the blockchain.

Autore: Frederik Nielsen (Pagina 28)

Ratings, Reviews. We expect that the increase of users and number of smart contracts will increase the demand for GENEs among drivers, resulting in a token that other service providers i.

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Caratteristiche Una piattaforma scalabile basata su blockchain che consente ai conducenti di prenotare il parcheggio direttamente dai singoli proprietari di parcheggi a prezzi più bassi, con praticità. Although the Beta version is a fully functional product for iOS, Android and Web, we use this phase to collect user feedback to optimize the experience. Official Launch and Global Advertising campaign.

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