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Marco FamaStefano LucarelliRicardo Orzi Abstract In the current scenario of global crisis, our official monetary system's inadequacy to provide solutions to the numerous serious problems affecting our society has become increasingly evident. This has led to the emergence of an astonishing number of projects that aim to rethink money.

In order to make sense bitcoinmarkets ufficiale these projects, it is necessary to explore the deepest meanings of money, as a multidimensional institution whose concrete nature and functioning are still object of a whole set of unsolved disputes. Under these premises, this article proposes an interdisciplinary reading of crypto and complementary currencies.

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The goal is twofold: on the one hand, the authors aim to shed light on the conditions which have to be met for the establishment of a sustainable monetary innovation; on the other hand, the article constitutes an attempt to use ongoing experiences as a lens through which bitcoinmarkets ufficiale gain new insights into the general phenomenon of money and as a laboratory for exploring the possibility to hmrc bitcoin profitto towards new socio-economic paradigms.

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Kuroda A. Le Goff J. Lucarelli S. Martignoni J. Marx K. Mauer B. Mauss M. Menger K. Mosler W. Moyer L. Nakazato H. Orléan A. Orzi R. Perna T. Place C. Polanyi K. Seyfang G. Simmel G. Schumpeter Bitcoinmarkets ufficiale.

Stiglitz J. Studer T. Tymoigne É. Sawyer eds. Wray R. Zelizer V. Bazzani G. Buscema C. Dagnes J. That Is the Puzzling Question. Doria L. Fama M. Gómez G. Ljovkin V. Ljovkina A. Sartori L. Bitcoinmarkets ufficiale There are currently no refbacks.