Twitter accetterà pagamenti in Bitcoin per Tip Jar

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Scrivi alla redazione La funzione Tip Jar di Twitter potrebbe presto integrare un'opzione di pagamento tramite criptovalute. A scoprirlo è stato il reverse engineer italiano, Alessandro Paluzzi, che ha condiviso l'informazione proprio su Twitter.

It bitcoin jar very straight forward and easy to use- depositing money and buying and transferring Bitcoin has been seamless. The ability to earn interest on your Bitcoin is a definite bonus.

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  • Twitter accetterà pagamenti in Bitcoin per Tip Jar

I bitcoin jar a few technical issues setting my account up, but the support was great and sorted it all out no problem. Overall this seems to be the best and cheapest way to manage and bank Bitcoin- definitely worth preserving with if like me you have any technical difficulties setting up your account.

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Risposta dello sviluppatoreThe Bitcoin Jar is certainly a winner! Thanks for the lovely review, Morleyfly! Mainly because it was so slick to transfer money from my account, seamless integration and excellent interface. If your interested in cryptocurrency this feels the safest most professional service available!

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And again this smashes Coinbase out the park for money transfers, and quality. Great work Note to developer: Older users may be a little confused by the swipe down to go back thing!

Adobe Stock Dallo scorso maggio Twitter ha introdotto Tip Jar, la feature che consente ai creatori di contenuti di monetizzare immediatamente i loro post. Per ora questa funzionalità è appannaggio solo di poche categorie di utenti, ovvero creatori, giornalisti, esperti e organizzazioni no-profit. Sebbene questo non sia ancora avvenuto, la piattaforma di microblogging ha comunque deciso di rinnovare ed ampliare il servizio, permettendo a chi vuole di trasferire soldi sotto altra forma.

It means a lot to us here at Mode when we get feedback like this! We'll make sure to pass on your notes for our developers! After I sent my deposit to them they asked me for evidences without saying that they will need that in the first place.

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After I sent all the evidences they were asking for More and more including screenshots from my banking app. They wanted even to see where the money came from so they kept asking for more screenshots from my other banking app and I said no.

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Then politely I asked them to return my money because I refuse to give them more information. I already gave them more than needed.

Pexels Dall'inizio di maggio è possibile inviare una mancia in denaro agli utenti che condividono utili informazioni su Twitter ad esempio, giornalisti ed esperti in determinati argomenti. Lo sviluppatore italiano Alessandro Paluzzi ha scoperto che sarà possibile effettuare pagamenti in Bitcoin con la funzionalità Tip Jar. Il Product Leader Kayvon Beykpour ha confermato la novità. Bitcoin per le mance su Twitter Il CEO Jack Dorsey ha più volte manifestato il suo forte interesse verso le monete digitali è impegnato anche nel mining.

They refused. Now my money are with themrefusing to give it back. I spoke with Action fraud and my Bank about this and they will take action. And report them!!!!

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Risposta dello sviluppatoreHi. It is our obligation to comply with regulations by requesting information regarding bitcoin jar transactions and confirming the source of funds.

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As a company operating in a regulated sector, we aim to adhere to the highest standards of regulatory compliance. Ulteriori informazioni Informazioni.

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